The world's first yachting experience for revolutionary women entrepreneurs.


Destination: Croatia, the Adriatic Sea.

Setting Sail: September 25 - 29, 2018.


Exclusive, all-inclusive.

5 Days of yachting bliss. 

A first-of-its-kind secret summit.

A global community of trailblazing women.


The trip of a lifetime.


Boss Voyage is a new type of immersive experience for visionary and remarkable women entrepreneurs from around the world.


It's a secret summit designed for women by women specifically to build a first-of-its-kind global community of trailblazing women with the potential to spark movements, redefine industries and collectively change the world.

We believe that your life should be a wild, passion-filled adventure. That the process of up-leveling your business, unleashing your vision and maximizing your impact should be FUN.

And the best way to do it is with a tribe of unapologetic, ambitious women who play at your level, game-changing workshops with experts who are dominating industries, in an exotic location and an adventure that makes you feel ALIVE.

Boss Voyage is an epic experience that will change your perspective and shift you into the world of endless possibilities. A place where your most limitless self and business is the destination.




Five beautiful and epic days of transformation, growth and fun while soaking in the awe-inspiring views of the Croatian coast.


This isn’t your standard “life changing” conference that will teach you the basic building blocks of growing a business. That’s a place with chairs, name badges, and 4 walls. It’s a fresh take that will transform your old notion of business travel, as you experience next-level training while basking in the gorgeous sunsets and inspiring views.

 You’ll take off on a heart-stopping adventure sailing among 1,000 islands in the Adriatic sea. You’ll be discovering the next phase of your business while taking in the enchanting beauty of the Croatia coast, along one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. From stunning white beaches, secluded islands and crystal clear blue waters, it’s the perfect setting to envision what’s next while soaking in it’s seemingly limitless charms.

 It’s all-inclusive, which means from the second you step on the boat -- your room, food, booze and fun… is all covered -- so the only distraction you have from growing yourself and your business is the breath-taking beauty of a sapphire coast.



business upleveling. enchanting coastal views. secret adventures. delicious, healthy food. epic parties.



from mission. to movement. to mass scale impact.

Experience breakthrough business and personal growth training that makes you dream bigger and shifts you to new endless possibilities.


Shifting yourself and your business to new heights takes a clear mission that speaks to your soul -- gets you up in the morning and keeps you up into the night. We know the importance of such a mission, crafting a larger vision for your company and what it takes to make it happen. 
Which is why we’ve brought together a diverse range of world-class luminaries, experts and entrepreneurs who have been there (and mastered it) to learn their strategies and secrets first-hand. Each keynote talk and workshop is designed to inspire action, fuel momentum and set you on a trajectory that will help you unleash your mission at a mass scale impact so you can fiercely change the world.



Join an exclusive global tribe of ambitious women trailblazers who want to accelerate their businesses by pushing boundaries by doing things differently.


We’re curating an invite-only community of women founders, thought leaders, creatives and innovators who not only want to change the world, but also experience all it has to offer. Women who are pushing boundaries, making game-changing moves in their industries and have the capacity to do more. Women who believe that business and pleasure don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and want to grow, learn and play all while sharing the world’s most epic experiences. And understand that life is more fun with a mai tai in hand and badass chicks by their side. 

More importantly, the one thing these bold, brilliant women have in common is they believe that by uniting forces to harness their collective passion and knowledge, together we are stronger, become better and the possibilities to change the world are limitless.



deep conversations. powerful connections. new collaborations. world-changing impact. lifelong sisterhood.



Through our collective power, unleash a ripple effect that can spark movements, redefine industries and ignite the world.


This excursion is not just life changing… it’s only the beginning. It’s an immersive experience for up-leveling yourself, your business, other women entrepreneurs, but most of all -- the rest of the world that you have the potential to impact. 

This is going to be a journey that will provide you the inspiration, tools and support to multiply your impact, play at another level and expand your ability to achieve more than you even imagined. All with an extraordinary sisterhood of support that will carry beyond the event. 

We’re in it for the greater good, the ripple effect that happens when every woman dreams big and fearlessly goes after what she wants and is capable of achieving.

Our goal is to help you set sail for a trip of a lifetime, to live a life so epic it inspires everyone else around you and to have a vision so clear you become unstoppable. You’ll be able to spread your mission and scale your business to new heights,  so even when you go home, you’re never going back.


Think of it as badass bosses on boats, 



Each of our sailing yachts are 50+ ft and house 4-8 women, along with your own personal hostess and skipper. Think of them as part of your cooking, cleaning, sailing and fun crew to make sure all your needs are covered as you set sail on the adventure of a lifetime. Each boat has shared bathrooms with showers, air conditioning, Wifi, linens + towels. And your crew will be serving you delicious breakfasts & lunches each day, along with unlimited cocktails of course!


.getting to Croatia and the marina

Split Marina departure: 2pm on Tuesday

Sailing adventure concludes: 11am on Saturday

The best airport to fly into is the Split Airport (SPU). We recommend arriving in Split on Monday evening and booking a hotel room close the marina, as you’ll need to be there by 12pm on Tuesday. The great thing? Our Boss Voyage crew will be handling your travel to and from the airport to your hotel and/or the Split Marina at the beginning and end of the trip. Based on arrival times, you will be taking a group shuttle with other women coordinated by our crew ahead of time. And on Saturday, we’ll get you back to the airport or your hotel when we conclude around 11am!



Each day will be filled with delicious food, sunshine, surprises, business training, workshops & break outs, relaxation time, and of course, fun. From private island cove day parties to secret excursions to luxury beachside dinners under the stars and wild dance parties, we’ve designed a flexible schedule to accommodate your needs to make sure you have the experience you’ve dreamed of. Feel free to participate in anything you want or hang on the boats to more deeply connect with the other badass women. You’re a boss, after all.


beautiful boats. wifi. sunbathing. snorkeling. mai tais. dj. live music. dancing. next-level fun.


.OUR mentors


.own your voice to ignite the new revolution of women changemakerS

Sara is the CEO & Founder of Hello Fearless, the school for female entrepreneurs, and the creator of Boss School -- a 90-day accelerator that helps women launch and grow highly impactful and profitable companies. In 2014, after spending years building major brands & startups, she started her first company that grew to more than $500K in the first year.

Over the last several years, she’s been instrumental in helping more than 250 women build companies. She’s a high-demand global speaker on women's entrepreneurship and has been featured in COSMOPOLITAN, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes and more.


.design a brand experience for massive influence, impact & profit

Jennifer “Jen” Kem is a Hawaii-based branding and marketing expert who gets entrepreneurs seen, heard, and paid for being themselves. She’s the creator of the Master Brand Method: a framework to develop powerful brand archetypes that win customers’ hearts, leveraging Jennifer’s 17 years of corporate experience and her launching of multiple companies. She uses the Master Brand method in digital strategy coaching for emerging entrepreneurs, celebrity brands like Oprah Winfrey Network and Steve Harvey, and major corporations including Verizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Bank of Hawaii. 

Jennifer serves up straight talk wrapped in love, because she understands entrepreneurs’ challenges: She built a retail business and became a millionaire at 32, only to lose it all in the recession two years later. She is now the successful owner of three million-dollar brand-building businesses and the mother of three children.


.spark a high-growth movement and build a passionate tribe with lovE

Jadah Sellner is the host of the Lead with Love™ podcast, international keynote and TEDx speaker redefining the way we work, lead and love. As the co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies (featured in Oprah's O Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and CBS’s The Doctors TV Show.), serial entrepreneur and online community growth strategist, Jadah built a community of 355,000 email subscribers and 415,000 Instagram followers. 

With a simple and inspiring model, Jadah dedicates her time consulting companies and personal brands to build communities with love, service, and impact. Learn more at and follow on social media @jadahsellner. When not speaking on stages, you can catch Jadah reading Shel Silverstein poems at the dinner table, dancing in her living room, or sipping on a Chai tea latte by a cozy fireplace. Jadah lives in the San Francisco bay area with her husband, daughter, and "chiweenie" dog.


.create viral, engaging content & operational infrastructure for scalE

From private practice, to corporate leadership, to building one of the most successful Health and Wellness brands, the Institute for the Psychology of Eating from the ground up, entrepreneur Emily has had plenty of opportunities to fine-tune her skills in marketing, branding, curriculum development, product launches, team building, and streamlining operational systems. Not only has she led multiple seven-figure companies, her work has a powerful, positive, global impact. The educational programs she’s created have touched tens of thousands of students from around the world, and her poetry alone reaches millions of people each week so social media.

Emily’s passion for understanding “why humans do what they do” led her to study first psychology, then consumer behavior, messaging, and marketing. This background gives her a unique ability to understand not only the need for creative positioning to garner attention, but also the technical aspects of amplifying distribution and creating campaigns that truly stand out in the marketplace. She’s an in-demand consultant and a master of successful launches for both high- and low-price-point offerings. In the expert space, she’s supported many thought leaders in everything from designing new profit centers; to creative content marketing strategies; to New York Time Best Selling book launches; to email marketing best practices; to funnel optimization; to turning knowledge, communities, and attention into cash.

These days, Emily is excited about her newest project, Secret Keepers: an artisan jewelry company with an uplifting mission. Learn more at



.relational leadership for extraordinary team performance & collaboration

Decker started team-building and mediation as a medic in the military, begrudgingly preparing soldiers for various leadership academies only to find that he had more passion for coaching than anything else. He then stumbled into executive consulting several years later when a few CEOS joined one of his community leadership workshops and saw an inspiring level of communication and collaboration. They brought him into their companies where he created similar results for their executive teams. Twenty years later, Decker is a full-time mediator and coach challenging organizations to attain extraordinary levels of teamwork and performance. His 1:1 coaching focuses on CEOs effectively empowering their executives and organizations. He’s coached startups from their first pitch, through board-level conflicts, to acquisition and even to starting again.  Decker has been sole mediator for over $1.3 billion worth of business deals.

Previous to his consulting, Decker co-founded a one-of-a-kind residential homeless program in San Francisco called Arkhouse. Later he founded Authentic World and The Integral Center, leading programs on advanced communication skills and certifying coaches around the world.


.unleash the power and collective impact of global sisterhood

Ellen Smoak has shared the stage with Marci Shimoff who was featured in the hit movie the Secret. In fact, Marci Shimoff calls Ellen a “true change agent.” She has been featured on ABC, NBC, Yahoo, and FOX, and her work has reached over 10 million women around the world. Her #1 bestselling book, Breakups Are A Bitch, But Getting Over It Doesn't Have To Be! was called, “a brilliant path to rebuild your life,” by Dr. John Gray, the author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Top Thought Leaders consult Ellen to help them land their books on the New York Times bestseller list, include Katherine Woodward Thomas, the author of Conscious Uncoupling.

Ellen is the Founder & CEO of The Society of Women Entrepreneurs -- Austin’s largest community of female businesses owners. The Society of WE helps women make their business dreams come true by offering events, mentorship, masterminds, workshops, trainings, and an ongoing “Sisterhood of Support.”

Ellen believes in the power of true sisterhood, and its ability to change the world.
On a personal note, Ellen has a passion for jumping horses. In fact, she was the first person in history to receive a varsity letter from jumping horses in college, and she’s won countless blue ribbons and championship metals across the country.
As a keynote speaker, Ellen uses her passion & wisdom learned on the back of a horse to teach women how to gracefully come together to lift, support and empower each other's success. 

For more information on Ellen Smoak and The Society of Women Entrepreneurs, please visit 


.your captain & leader of extraordinary conversations

Born and raised in Detroit, Scott has been a full-time nomad for the past six years or so. His passion is finding a way to combine entrepreneurship, travel, and philanthropy – whenever and wherever he can. Scott's current line of work is promoting adventure tourism throughout the world – particularly African wildlife photo safaris through his company, Pamoja Safaris. Back home in Detroit, he runs a custom WordPress web development company with his younger brother named (fittingly) Brothers Design, as well as working on a brewery/distillery with a couple friends.

In his free time he enjoys participating in silly adventures, such as driving an crappy car from London to Mongolia to raise money to build a kindergarten there, or spending a few weeks piloting an auto-rickshaw (tuk-tuk) 3,000 miles through India while raising support for clean water and sanitation initiatives.


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Hello Fearless is a movement to unleash a world of unstoppable women.


Hello Fearless was created to help women start, grow and scale companies, while unleashing their full potential as women. Since 2014, our experiences, programs and products have provided women around the globe with breakthrough entrepreneurial and personal growth training from the world’s leading experts, mentorship opportunities, education and supportive communities to help them accelerate their businesses and lives to the next level. More importantly, HF is a revolution and global community of women who aren’t afraid to dream big, take risks, break the rules and love their lives.


Unfortunately, we can’t take all of our fabulous bosses on this first excursion to freedom, but we can send you the application straight to your email.


epic WOMEN. epic TRAVEL.

Changing the world just became a lot more fun. Bon Voyage!


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